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Drought tolerant and tough
Low maintenance
Requires little fertilising
Disease and fungus resistant
Non invasive
Great in full sun
Weed resistant
Salt tolerant
Soft to touch
Blue/Green colour

Very similar to Queensland Blue Couch, with a blue-green color and a soft, lush feel but with a slightly broader leaf. It is a fast grower and requires full sun or dappled shade conditions only. This turf is well suited to low nutrient conditions ie. Coastal sandy soils, schools, parks, acreage lawns and roadsides. Tropica Couch will naturally suppress weeds. The root system in Tropica exudes natural chemicals that act as pre-emergent herbicide to other plants – weed grasses and broadleaf weeds, this means it is a safe and reliable way to achieve and maintain a weed free lawn. It also allows it to outperform almost all other turf grasses in maintaining a single species lawn.

Does not dry out and thin in drought conditions and requires little water to quickly regain lush colour.